With my GeoDirectory Bespoke Development Service you can pick and choose from several elements that combine to build a successful directory.

Common Elements Used For Directories

GeoDirectory (required) is the only WordPress directory plugin on the market that can scale to millions of listings and withstand the battering of traffic that comes along with that.
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UsersWP (optional) is a fully featured 100% secure user management tool with some super community features including Private Messaging. Note: UsersWP and BuddyBoss are mutually exclusive.
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Elementor (optional) is used to create your website from the ground up. Eliminates the need for multiple plugins. Build professional websites and elevates your page speed to beat the competition.
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RankMath (optional) for all your SEO needs. Rankmath is a relatively new but fully featured SEO tool that will help your directory get to number 1 in the rankings.
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Use BuddyBoss (optional) to build a complete community around your directory giving you the flexibility, control and freedom you need to create a successful online platform. Note: BuddyBoss and UsersWP are mutually exclusive.
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Licenses Included!

Licenses are included in bespoke development for the duration of the project and/or while a support contract is active.

BuddyBoss is included during development but must be  be licensed directly prior to golive.It cannot be included in a support contract.


All extensions are included during GeoDirectory bespoke development except in the case of BuddyBoss where they may be cost options.


All prices are plus TVA (VAT) where applicable.

Fixed Price Components

Fixed price items include installations and basic configuration.

One Stop Geodirectory Bespoke Development Service

Having a single resource creating and supporting your GeoDirectory website saves a lot of time and avoids the blame culture between different companies.  I handle all bug fix and enhancement requests as part of the project and save many hours of pointless repetition.

*All estimates are based on provided requirements and specifications and do not include additional items nor scope creep.  While an estimate is provided with the best intention an adjustment  of 15% either way should be allowed for in most projects.

Bespoke Development