You are in business to perform, right? You don’t want to get diverted by IT issues like website updates, device updates, bug fixes etc. We realise that many  businesses cannot contemplate the huge cost of an IT Department to look after their internet presence, their running systems nor their email or other subsystems.  

Many  businesses utilise cloud services either as Software as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service.  We can manage, secure, fix, update, tune and generally support the heck out of such systems.

Many businesses struggle to keep up with branding, SEO and Social Media tasks which can be daunting and time consuming.  We include that service.

We literally become your IT department offering standard, dedicated services equating to approx. one or two days per week, fortnight or month. Of course,  additional tickets and issues can still be raised outside of that time.

our services

Our pricing is probably the most cost effective option you will find for a professional, EU based remote support service where you will always interact with the same person.It is easy to get IT support for your business.  Just register and we will create your account and offer immediate help.  If you are unsure whether the Business IT Support option suits your purpose why not just contact us with any questions or for more details of the service.