GeoDirectory is one of the most complex and feature rich WordPress plugins out there and it’s correct configuration is essential.

GeoDirectory V2 settings appear to be a lot less compared to V1. This is because many of them have been hidden under Advance Settings screens. In fact, V2 is way more complex than V1!

If you can?t find a setting that you used to have in V1, remember to click the ?Show Advance Settings? that is visible in the Top Right corner of every settings page

The proper configuration of each component requires deep knowledge of each of the other components and an understanding of how they fit together. As well as php the application uses javascript for part of the functionality and so an understanding of both as well as css is required. There are always several approaches to solving the same problem.

GD Configuration

This image shows just of few of the available tabs for configuring GD. Each addon has it’s own tab and each may bring additional Advanced Settings. Enabling an addon may also lead to new settings in the core GD tab or in other add on tabs. It is enormous!

Essential Configuration Addons

One thing to remember, in order to provide a useful business directory it is more than likely that you will need several addons. As a minimum the Location Manager is required to remove the single city restriction.

One thing to remember is that what you need has probably been done before.

Use my experience to bring your requirements together in the most effective way.

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