Boost post

So you have a page on Facebook and you post lots of updates but you don’t seem to get many new visitors to your website, booking system or blog?

Many page owners don’t realise that only page followers get to see the posts made on their page. Not even their Facebook friends will get the updates. These posts are simply preaching to the converted.

Boosting posts is the only way to get your message to potential new customers. The usual reaction to this “but it is so expensive” but it’s not, not really. A bed and breakfast using a carefully targeted €10 boosted post on a specific event filled 3 €65 rooms each for 2 nights within 24 hours. That’s about 2% which compares well with OTA commission rates.

FaceBook Business

The simple message is, you should be boosting your posts but, and it’s a big one, what content to post? Where an FB post is made in the hope of drawing people to the book now or learn more buttons then statistics tend to show that the page is visited and that’s all.

The trick is to have the content on your own website, post a link to that content and have visitors directed to your website which is usually way more interesting than an FB page.

If this then that

One excellent facility is IFTTT which now includes WordPress blogs. If you publish a new blog entry then automatically post on your FB page and Twitter account (and others if you want).

If you need help setting all this up then we can help. Usually it is just an hour to get everything up and running including analytics. Just order an hour of support and you’ll be boosting before you know it.