The PeopleSoft DBA is a hybrid role stemming from a deep experience as a database administrator, usually in Oracle, SQL Server, or less frequently DB2 combined with many years of experience in PeopleSoft technology including Tuxedo, WebLogic, PeopleCode and PeopleSoft admin and configuration.

The PeopleSoft DBA is capable of installing the PeopleSoft technology stack and the PeopleSoft applications with equal expertise on Linux, Windows or Oracle Cloud.

Troubleshooting is another highly valued skill of the PeopleSoft DBA. The extremely complex technology, which becomes even more complicated when integrating with single sign on and active directory, when linking to upstream and downstream interfaces, and when adding in a myriad of other possibilities, requires years of experience in order to troubleshoot in an efficient and cost effective manner.

PeopleSoft deployments in Oracle Cloud bring a whole new set of installation options and procedures and where a implementation is part Cloud and part In-house then the role of the PeopleSoft DBA is even more critical.

I am an ex-PeopleSoft UK senior technical consultant having worked as a global installer and troubleshooter across regions and countries including South Africa, France, Belgium, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, the UK, the USA, and several others.

If you need technical help with a new or existing PeopleSoft implementation then please contact me to discuss your requirements.