An IT Support Operation that provides complete transparency on it’s pricing? Yep, we publish our pricing so that our clients know precisely what they will be charged. Of course, there are always cases where the standard pricing does not fit your particular situation but the pricing guide below will provide a very good overview of our charges.

All services include personal computers, servers (in-house and hosted), server sub-systems, cloud services (AWS, Azure etc), networks, operating systems, web-servers, email systems, databases, file systems, smart phones, tablets, HR systems, Financial Systems, management systems, backup, disaster recovery, performance tuning, staff training, proactive advice and all the stuff you’d expect from a professional IT Support Department. 


Single Cases

30/ hour

Individual Support Cases

Estimate Provided

No Fix – No Fee

All Work Guaranteed

Small Business

Single Cases

25/ hour

Individual Support Cases

Minimum 4 Hours

Estimate Provided

No Fix No Fee

12 Month Warranty


Your IT Department

200/ day

Minimum 1 Day / Month

12 Month Contract

Covers All Hosted Services

Covers All Cloud Services

Covers In-house Infrastructure

Keeps Systems Running 24 * 7 

Includes Emergency Response