Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the oldest methods to market a business online, and to this day it remains highly effective and crucial to your revenue growth. While some marketing strategies and platforms may fluctuate in efficiency over the years as consumer behavior evolves, SEO continues to determine which dealership websites receive the heaviest flow of online traffic. By understanding and implementing the current requirements for amazingly good SEO, you can connect with more prospects and grow your customer base.


Responsive, or mobile-friendly, websites are now an essential requirement for search engines. With an estimated 75%  of online visitors preferring to browse from a mobile device, search engines have learned to prioritize websites that offer online users a mobile-optimized browsing experience.

The responsive optimisation of your website even more important since the likes of Google Search have changed the crawlers that index your website over to mobile phone based robots. This is a hugely significant change and without action even established websites will suffer.

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Keywords are no longer the tools they were in SEO but they have morphed into search phrases.  Many tools will still refer to keywords like “hotels” but search phrases are now the way to go, e.g. “hotels near Paris”.  

Spending time and effort on the keyword research and anticipating and using great search phrases is one of the most productive activities a website owner can take in terms of driving visitors to the site. 


Adding efficient and attractive (to search engines) SEO to your website images lead to higher rankings on Google images.

By adding an explanation of each photo for search engines to read, your images can rank higher in the image search feature, which can help more visitors find your website. Providing alternative text for photos also assists online visitors with vision disabilities enjoy a better experience on your platform.

Images should always be licensed or created by the website owner and should be carefully selected and of good quality.

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Interlinking your web pages is the process of adding an internal link to one page that, when clicked, will direct a website visitor to another web page. This helps to promote your different web pages and direct potential visitors down a streamlined journey toward the final target. 

When you link out to an external website then a backlink should be created to promote traffic from that website to yours.

Keep Your Content Fresh & Unique

Keeping your website content fresh and updated is essential for a few reasons. First, it keeps visitors coming back to check out the new information. Second, it shows that you’re an active and current business. And third, search engines like Google give higher rankings to consistently updated websites fresh content

• Add new blog posts regularly that are relevant to your business or industry
• Add or update products or services listed on your website
• Update your company’s news or events section
• Post customer testimonials or case studies
• Share photos and videos of what’s going on in your business

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